Window Awnings & Door Awnings

Window awnings at a great price

Window and door awnings have many purposes -both style and function. They are affordable, decorative, functional and energy efficient.

Window awnings not only enhance the look of the exterior of your home, they are proven to be energy efficient. Studies show that window awnings and door awnings on the South and West facing side of your home can reduce the interior temperature of rooms by 15 degrees or more. Another important consideration is that window awnings reduce fading of draperies, furniture and carpeting.

Window and Door Awning Fabrics

There are a wide variety of solid and stripe fabrics available for your home awning. Taylor Made will manufacture just the right style to fit your windows or doors. With a few simple measurements which are easy for you to take yourself, we can custom make the perfect awnings for you.

Ordering Process for Window and Door Awnings

Taylor Made Awnings has several different styles of custom window and door awnings to choose from. There are both fixed frame awnings and retractable window awnings and door awnings to choose from. We are happy to provide sample images, quotes and sample fabric upon request.

Please use our quick contact form to the right of this page or call our toll free number at (800) 790-9590 to tell us about your window or door awning needs and we will be happy to give you a very competitive custom quote. With our strong purchasing power due to our very large quantity of orders from fabric manufacturers we can save you hundreds and often thousands of dollars compared with your local awning shop or Internet awning store. Also, look at our retractable awnings order page to view all of the samples of fabric colors and patterns we can also install on a window or door awning.

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