DIY Awnings Done Your Way

  • Get started with DIY awnings by choosing the type you want, for example, for windows, doors, patios, or replacement fabrics.

  • The next step in DIY awnings is to make your fabric choice from almost 160 colors and patterns.

  • Enter the measurements for either standard sized or custom made products.

  • Select the valence type you want, for the shape and appearance you desire.

  • Choose any accessories you'd like to add to your awning.

Once you've made your ordering choices, you can expect your DIY awnings to be shipped fast – depending on whether it was a standard size or custom job.

When it arrives, the installation is simple. Follow the instructions that come with your products and within minutes, you'll have the DIY awnings hanging and functioning just as they should for years of enjoyment.

If you have any questions throughout your project, don't hesitate to contact Taylor Made and we will be happy to assist you.

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