Canvas For Awnings: Strength, Style, and Weather Resistance

  • When your frame is still in good condition, save your time and money by ordering new canvas for awnings, instead of a whole new structure.

  • Canvas for awnings from Taylor Made includes high quality fabrics that are designed to withstand the sun and rain, allowing you to stay shaded and dry.

  • There are almost 160 colors and patterns of canvas for awnings available as replacement fabrics or to complement awning orders at Taylor Made.

Whether you're looking for canvas for awnings that are new or that have already been in place for some time, ordering through Taylor Made allows you to make sure that you will have a perfect fit every time. The Sunbrella and Ultima fabrics we sell are of the highest quality and can be cut to suit almost any awning pattern. Complement your awning purchase with the right fabric, or replace old, damaged, or out-of date canvas for awnings with Taylor Made's easy online quote and order form.

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