Benefits of Home Awnings

Posted on 2014-05-15
Patio Awning There are probably thousands of projects if not more that you can do to your home to increase the value, make it more comfortable or improve efficiency. One project that can achieve all three of these functions at the same time is to add exterior awnings. Awnings provide these and many other benefits to homeowners and can be a great way to add beauty and function to your outdoor spaces. Here are some more benefits of home awnings to consider when you are deciding if they would be right for your home.

Awning options

There is no question that the main purpose of awnings is to provide shade to a building or other outdoor space. Several types of awnings are available and range from large fixed awnings, to small permanent window shade awnings to fully retractable awnings. One of the main reasons that people choose to install awnings on their home is to shade a certain area of the home that gets too much sun during a particular time of the day or season. This can be used to a certain degree to compensate for a less efficient placement or angle of the home construction or just to combat the natural placement of the structure.

The fact that more of the home is in the shade during a certain time of the day normally results in increased efficiency. This can be particularly helpful during the summer when the sun shining directly in the home can dramatically elevate cooling costs. A retractable awning can be especially helpful during the summer or other months when you want the sun to come in the home during cooler times of day, but then to be blocked during the most intense or hot parts of the day.

Protect home

Awnings can also increase the lifespan and value of things inside your home like furniture, carpet, paint and artwork. Extending the life of your furniture by a few years protecting them from harsh, direct sunlight can really save you a lot of money over time.

Increase comfort

Naturally, the shade provided by an awning can make your home more comfortable during any time of the day. Awnings also provide a shaded outdoor area, which can make outdoor living and entertaining possible during times of the day that would normally not be tolerable, especially during the summer. The comfort that can come from being able to decide when shade will or will not be available is an added benefit of a retractable awning. An awning is a great protecting from the natural discomforts caused by the elements, but still allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Increased home value

Another key aspect of awning use on homes is that the value is generally increased. When people are looking at purchasing a home, one of the main considerations is square footage and usable living space. An awning can expand living space outdoors and effectively expand the square footage of your home. A patio or deck in the back yard can be made much more valuable to the family living there or a potential buyer when all or part of it can be covered by an awning. This outdoor space would then be considered by a buyer to be more of an outdoor living room instead of just a flat deck without much life or dimension. The energy efficiency benefits of awnings can also improve the value of your home.

Going green

Another huge benefit of a home awning is that of the environmental impact it has. Many people are very concerned these days about going green and doing things that are good for the environment. An awning can help you reduce the amount of electricity that you need to use on lighting, heating or cooling and also reduce the amount of money you pay each month on your utilities. The less utilities you use, the better off the environment is. So, with a one time purchase of a virtually maintenance free product, you can help the environment.

Increased curb appeal

Awnings can also be an attractive addition to the home and increase the curb appeal and visual value of the house. If you choose the right colors and styles for your home, you can add warmth and a unique appearance to your home.

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