Awnings and Home Value

Posted on 2014-01-28 by Justin
Patio Awning One of the biggest benefits you will find with home awnings is the increased value they can add to your home. With the economy in a decline and real estate plummeting, people are looking for ways to help maintain and increase their property value. Home awnings can do this, as well as give you additional benefits. The following is a look at the benefits of home awnings:

Energy Effciency

Awnings over your windows and doors, and patios can provide you with a great deal of energy efficiency. Heat from the sun is transmitted through your glass windows and doors, and can cause you to have to really crank up the air conditioner in order to cool your home. A foot of window glass can let in more heat than an entire wall of your home. By putting an awning over your windows and doors you block the UV rays and thus reduce UV transmission from 60% with low-E windows to less than 25% transmission. Thus, you do not have to pay as much in utilities to keep your home cool in the summer.

Then you can retract the awning in the winter months, or the cooler times so that you can enjoy the benefits of the sun warming your home so that you do not have to crank your furnace as high.

Other ways that home awnings add to your energy efficiency is that they allow natural light into your home, without the damage of UV rays to your home.

Extended living space

Awnings are going to add to your home value by extending your living space. It is going to make it possible to comfortably enjoy your patio or deck. An awning will reduce the temperature of the patio spaces making it a comfortable place to entertain, relax, dine, etc.

A patio awning is going to give your kids a place to play outside. It is going to provide you with a temperature controlled environment for relaxing or visiting with guests.

UV protection

One of the best benefits for you with an awning is that it adds a layer of safety to your home. It is going to mean that UV rays can’t hit you when you sit on your patio. Your skin, face, eyes will be protected from the potential damage of ultra-violet rays. You won’t have to stress about your kids going outside with out sun screen if you have an awning.

Having awnings over your windows is going to lead to UV rays not transmitting into your home and causing your carpet, furniture, paint, artwork, etc. to fade. This is going to add to your home value because your carpets, paints, etc. will stay in better condition for longer.

Overall, there are several reasons that a home awning, for either windows or patios will increase your home value, and benefit your life, making your home more attractive, comfortable, and usable.

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