Awnings Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Posted on 2014-04-11 by Justin
Patio Awning Awning provide you will all kinds of benefits. You will find that home awnings for windows, doors, and patios can add warmth and style to your home, increase the home value, add utility to your outdoor spaces, create sun protection, reduce temperature, and more. However, one of the biggest benefits of home awnings is that they protect you and your home from harmful UV rays.

Protecting you from UV rays

Your skin, your eyes, and even your hair can be damaged by UV rays. The UV rays of the sun can cause premature aging of your skin, give you wrinkles, and reduce elasticity. In addition, repeated exposure can lead to skin cancer. Too much direct UV rays to your eyes can lead to decreased vision. Your hair can become dry, and damaged as well. An awning provides you with protection that allows you to be outdoors without the risks of UV sun exposure. This means that you will be healthier and not as stressed about lathering your children and yourself with SPF sun screen because they get shaded protection from your retractable awning.

Protect your furniture from UV rays

UV rays can cause your furniture to warp, fade, etc. When you spend a lot of money to buy nice indoor and outdoor furniture, you do not want to see it ruined and faded by the sun. While most outdoor patio furniture has cushion fabric that is designed for outdoor use, after a few years of constant sun exposure it will start to fade. You can prolong the use of your outdoor furniture with a patio awning.

You can also protect the indoor furniture you have from UV ray exposure. Your windows, doors, skylights, etc. can all let UV rays into your home. While Low-E glass windows let less UV rays in, they still transmit over 60%, which means that your indoor furniture is in as much risk for UV damage as your outdoor furniture, as it is not usually treated to withstand UV rays. The same holds true for paintings, and other décor. While you can pull the blinds, or close the curtains, window awnings allow you to have the benefit of natural sunlight entering your home without the drawback of the damage done by UV rays.

Protect your home exterior and interior materials from UV rays

In addition to protecting your furnishings and yourself, you can protect the materials that your home is built with. For example, carpet can fade with too much UV protection, and window awnings will greatly reduce their exposure. Paint, when exposed to too much UV rays will start to peel or chip. This means that by using window awnings, etc. your home interior looks fresh and better longer, and you save a significant amount of money.

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