Awnings Improve Outdoor Enjoyment

Posted on 2014-03-20 by Justin
Patio awnings offer a number of benefits to homeowners. The benefits are vast, but one of the benefits that simply can’t be ignored is the improved outdoor enjoyment that is achieved with an awning, particularly a retractable awning.

Benefits of Awnings

The benefits of awnings include:

  • Reduced energy use
  • Glare reduction
  • Extended living space
  • UV ray protection
  • Added home value
  • Curb appeal
  • Outdoor utility

  • And more. Each of these benefits can contribute to greater outdoor enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways that awnings improve outdoor enjoyment:

    Temperature reduction

    An awning is going to provide shade to an area, which means lower temperature for that and surrounding areas. This shade is invaluable for making outdoor areas more comfortable. The average temperature under a large recreational awning is 20 degrees lower than that of the surrounding area. This means that even on a hot summer day you could have a tea party, BBQ, informal gathering, etc. on your patio without feeling the stress of the heat. Many a summer party has been ruined not because of rain or wind, but because it was simply too hot to be outside. An awning eliminates this problem, which increases the number of days and times of day you can spend outside enjoying your outdoor spaces.

    Comfortable living space out of doors

    Awnings can keep out the sun and create a stylish, relaxing area to entertain, visit, relax, dine, or spend time with your family. The awning will keep your patio furniture from growing too hot to use. It will mean reducing the glare so that you can converse or read, etc. without damaging your eyes. It also provides a space that is conducive to spending time. In other words, it will be more natural and easy to spend time outside, and far more comfortable to do so, meaning your outdoor spaces will get greater use and provide greater enjoyment to you and your whole family.

    Sun protection

    Lastly, awnings improve outdoor enjoyment by eliminating the issues people have with the sun’s harmful rays. People who are susceptible to sunburns can find being in the sun for too long uncomfortable and unhealthy, and an awning will allow them to be outside with that issue. Your children, pets, friends, family, etc. will find a shaded, protected area to play and pass the time. Retractable awnings can allow everyone to enjoy outdoor leisure.

    If you have an awning you will use your patio more. You will take advantage of your BBQ grill, or dining set. You will throw parties and use it as a space to entertain, rather than in your home. You will gather as a family for bonding, conversation, and game playing. In other words, an awning can help your outdoor spaces becomes the central location in your home for fun and festivity.

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