Awnings Extend Living Space

Posted on 2014-03-03 by Sarah
Patio Awning One of the biggest benefits of a home awning is that it has the ability to extend your living space. Additions to homes are costly, and time consuming, and you can get a similar outcome by self-installing a beautiful home awning. The following is a look at how awnings can extend your living space:

Make outdoor areas more comfortable

Awnings help extend your living space by making outdoor spaces more comfortable for use, which results in them getting more use. Without comfort outdoors, why would anyone choose that over the indoors? They wouldn’t. Here are a few of the ways that retractable patio awnings make the outdoor spaces more comfortable.


An awning is going to extend living space by creating a nice shaded area for entertaining, parties, activities, relaxation and enjoyment. This means that you children, pets, and friends can spend time out doors without the risks of UV rays damaging their skin, without experiencing heat stroke, or other sun related problems. A shaded area outside is a comfortable area where enjoyment is more likely to happen, and thus use is more likely to happen.

Reduced temperature

When you have an awning over your patio space, and it provides shade, which in turn reduces the temperature of the patio area. Most people think that only bad weather can ruin time spent on a patio, but the fact is, your living space won’t extend outdoors if it is blistering hot. No one wants to be somewhere they sweat like crazy, or feel like they are being cooked alive. So, this means that an awning is going to come in really handy. Awnings have been shown to reduce the temperature of the place the shade by as much as twenty degrees. A twenty-degree reduction in heat means far greater comfort, even on the hottest summer days. It also means having a space outside of your home, that does not require energy consumption to use, that can be utilized regardless of the weather. This is a wonderful advantage, especially when you are looking to extend your living space.

Reduced glare

The sun can cause a great deal of glare. Glare can make it impossible to spend time out doors, as it will cause great discomfort. If you want to extend your living space, then using an awning to reduce glare so that you can read, talk, and have fun on your patio is great!

Extra comfort leads to extra use

An awning is going to make outdoor spaces far more comfortable to be in for all of the reasons mentioned above. The fact that your outdoor space is more comfortable will mean you will want to spend time there. The more comfortable it is, the more time you, your family, friends, and neighbors will want to be there.

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