Awnings Add Safety And Comfort

Posted on 2014-01-22 by Sarah
Patio Awning While many businesses use awnings to display their business name and create shaded areas outside their display windows, many people do not realize that their homes can benefit from awnings as well. Home awnings, specifically awnings for windows, and patios can add safety and comfort to your home.

Awnings extend living space

A home awning can extend your living space by giving you a comfortable patio area. The awning will provide a comfortable shade from the sun, making your outdoor living areas more usable and comfortable. It is like gaining an addition to your home, but for much lower cost, and much less work. Awnings can be self- installed.

Awnings add safety and comfort to outdoor activities, making it easier to spend time outdoors. In addition a retractable awning creates an elegant, upscale outdoor living room, where you can relax, cook, entertain, or pass the time with your family.

Awnings protect against the sun

The sun’s rays are dangerous. They can harm skin, and eyes. They can also harm your home and the furnishings in your home. While the walls of your home block UV rays, your home is not entirely impenetrable. UV rays come into your house through windows, patio doors, glass doors, and skylights. Glass windows transmit up to 70% of UV rays. Even energy-efficient Low-E glass transmits over 60% of UV rays. This means that your home interior is at risk for UV damage. Most people think, “But I can pull the blinds, or shades.” However, what if you want to still let light into your home? This is where awnings add comfort to your home while still providing you with safety against harmful UV rays. The awning will block the UV rays while still allowing your home to be lit with natural light.

In your patio areas and extended living spaces you can get even greater protection from awnings. They protect your from the heat of the sun, by shading the area and effectively reducing the temperature up to twenty degrees. They reduce glare, making it easier on your eyes. They also block the UV rays, so you can go outside without loading up on sun block first.

Awnings make your indoors more comfortable

Having awnings over your windows and doors means having temperature control that does not require you to crank your air conditioner at full blast. Also, because they retract, you can retract them during the cooler months to provide sun into your window. They protect your walls from peeling, your indoor furniture from fading, and provide shade, while still letting natural light in, again reducing your utilities, giving you both safety and comfort.

The UV protection provided by awnings means safety. The shade, temperature reduction, glare reduction, and expansion of outdoor spaces provided by awnings adds comfort to your home and spaces.

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