Awning Fabrics

Posted on 2013-12-23 by Justin
Patio Awning Awnings are a great way for a person, family, or business to protect their building, patio, porch, etc., from the sun. And awnings can make using a patio, porch, or pool, more enjoyable by protecting people from having to sit in the sun for hours. But if an awning is not made to last a person will not be able to enjoy their awning as much or for as long as they would like to. For an awning to be able to last through years of use they need to be made out of certain types of materials. This article discusses the different types of fabrics and materials that are used in long lasting and safe awnings both for home and for business.

Flame retardant or fire resistant

There are some awnings that are in specific places that may be required to be either flame retardant or fire resistant. For example, awnings that are in a business area or that are made to cover a large seating area, etc., are usually required to be flame retardant or fire resistant. The fabric used in these flame retardant or fire resistant awnings is a type of fabric that is woven together using acrylic fibers that are not only fire resistant but they also have different pigments and are waterproof.

Weather-resistant awnings

Weather-resistant awnings are a great way for a person to help ensure that their awning lasts longer. As previously mentioned some of the awnings that are flame retardant or flame resistant are also waterproof. This can help these awnings last longer. Of course there are also awnings that are just weatherproof. These awnings are made using acrylic fabrics. Awnings that are not considered weatherproof are generally made using vinyl polyester or canvas material. The thread used to sew the awnings together is usually different in weather resistant and waterproof awnings compared to awnings made from fabrics such as canvas or vinyl polyester. Usually the thread is polyester and is UV resistant and this helps the thread to last longer and therefore the entire awning can also last longer. Some of the even stronger threads used in weather-resistant canopies are made out of polytetrafluoroethylene polymer. This type of thread does not absorb any water, will not degrade from the sunlight, is not affected by different cleaners and chemicals, and can last through extreme cold and heat.

Multi-layered fabrics for awning

Awnings are not made out of a single layer of fabric whether they are weather-resistant or not. The materials used in awnings are made out of several layers of fabric. The different layers of fabric are treated for UV protection and are put together with other types of fabric that will help increase the flexibility and the strength of the awning.


If an awning is retractable then it needs to have certain qualities in the fabric used to make the awning to help it last long. This is the same as with a fixed awning. Retractable awnings are able to be taken in so they do not have to stay out in the elements all of the time. But because they move a lot they need to be able to stand up to that moving. And fixed awnings need to be able to withstand the different elements it has to endure since it has to stay up day and night.

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