Adding Function and Usability to Your Patio with an Awning

Posted on 2013-12-09 by Justin
Patio Awning Rethink your patio and add function and usability to your outdoor spaces with the following considerations:

Furnish Right

The right furniture is going to set the mood, provide comfort, and give you a place to spend time. A patio without furniture, or with furniture that is not inviting is not going to get much use. A patio with a conversation set, deep seated cushioned chairs, reclining lounge chairs, a coffee table, a dining set, porch swing, etc. is going to get plenty of use. So, determine what function and use you want out of your patio and furnish accordingly. If you want to use your patio for playing games with your family, make sure you have a table that is fitting for game playing. If you want to be able to entertain large groups, furnish it with plenty of seating.

Cooking and Dining

A patio becomes a kitchen and a dining room as well as an outdoor room, place to sit, talk, and pass the time if you add a BBQ grill, and other kitchen features. An outdoor kitchen can include everything from a built in island, built in mini-fridge, built in sink, and grill, to just having a free standing BBQ. If you want to add function and usability, make it a place to cook and dine. You may not grill up your breakfast, but you may want to sit out on the patio at your dining set and read the morning paper while you drink your orange juice. You can have a picnic, or throw some burgers on the grill for lunch. Then think steaks, shish kabobs, grilled pineapple, bratwursts, and more for dinner, parties, etc. A place to cook is going to encourage a lot of patio use because it is fast, easy, and tastes great. A place to eat is going to keep you out on the patio because you can sit and enjoy your meal in the great outdoors.

Climate Comfort

One of the biggest drawbacks to a patio that gets in the way of function and usability on your patio is that of the sun exposure. Your patio is outside, and while the summer is the best month to use it, it can also mean a very hot space. In order to make this space more comfortable, you need some sort of sun protection. One of the very best options is to purchase a retractable awning. It is going to protect your from harsh UV rays. It is going to decrease the glare you get, making it more comfortable to read, or converse. But, most importantly, it is going to reduce the temperature of the shaded area by about twenty degrees, making even one of the warmest summer days bearable and even enjoyable on your patio.

Just remember, as you work to increase function and usability for your patio, determine what kind of function and use you want out of it.

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