A Family Guide To Patio Living - Awning Covers

Posted on 2013-10-29 by Justin
Patio Awning Family time is when you bond and make connections. Many people bond in the kitchen, over home made cookies; in the living room over funny movies; or in the yard over a game of catch. Your patio can be a space for your family to create memories, pass time, and come to enjoy and love time spent with one another. The following guide is to patio living, and how to make the most of your patio:

Focus on Function

A patio is going to serve different purposes for different people. If you have small children, it might be a place for your kids to play, without you having to worry about mess in your home. If your kids are all adults, the patio may be a place where you gather to play cards, talk, laugh, etc. When designing your patio space, focus on the function you want your patio to serve, and the lifestyle requirements it must meet.

Backyard BBQ

One of the best uses of a patio space is that of an outdoor kitchen. Whether it is just you and your spouse, or your entire extended family, a BBQ adds function and usability to your patio. It is easy, low mess, low maintenance to cook up some burgers on a BBQ.

Dining Set

When you extend your home out to your patio, and intend to use it as a place for family living, do not forget to include some kind of dining set. You can serve full dinners, or just some snacks or lemonade. An outdoor dining set can also serve other purposes as well, providing a tabletop for games, a gathering place for conversation.

Comfort Classics

Family patio living is dependant on your patio being a comfortable place to pass the time. Stocking up a mini-fridge with cold drinks, choosing cushioned chairs, including a fire pit, or outdoor fire place, etc. are all great ways to add classic comfort to a basic space.

Climate Control

A great way to make your patio more functional, and a place where your family wants to be is to include some elements that will help you control the climate some. A space heater or outdoor fireplace will make your patio a usable space during the cooler evenings of spring or fall. A retractable awning is going to keep your patio nice and cool during the hot summer months by providing sun protection, and shade. It can reduce the heat by up to twenty degrees, and reduce glare, so that you can use your patio on even the warmest days of summer. Additionally, a retractable awning can be retracted when you do want the sun to warm your patio such as those crisp fall days.

Family Friendly Furnishings

Last, but not least, when you design your patio for family living, focus on furniture that suits a family well. Avoid any furniture that folds, as it poses a risk to small children. Choose sturdy pieces that won’t tip when climbed on. Choose comfort and a style that suits your taste. Choose throw pillows, and extras that are inviting and comfortable.

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