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Taylor Made Awning - 100 years of service Since the beginning, the goal of Taylor Made has always been to satisfy the personal needs of the customers. The goal was to focus on developing authentic designs that match the specific and unique requirements of the customer. It is for these reasons that Nelson A. Taylor decided to start Taylor Made. In 1908, he put the final touches on what was to be his first customized canvas and marked the start of a long history of manufacturing high-quality custom canvases. Ever since, the company has grown in leaps-and-bounds. They have become a force to be reckoned with in relation to ground-breaking discoveries, top-notch quality, and strong devotion towards customer satisfaction.

In starting Taylor Made in 1908, Nelson A. Taylor decided to take an entirely different approach. His vision was to see the Company bring in a new light into the canvas industry. Under his guidance, the company took a more hard-hitting approach when it came to developing the product. The focus was to adopt high standards of craftsmanship at all levels of production. This bold strategy proved to be quite effective as more vibrant and unique designs were discovered. In addition, the company unveiled a broad collection of authentic canvas offerings.

Looking back, over 100 years have passed. But, the company has remained firm on its goal of providing the very best of custom canvas awnings and retractable awnings. Their canvas and retractable awnings still feature the same craftsmanship and standards of quality as they did in the beginning. When making the awnings, they only use the best fabrics and materials found in the market such as Ultima and Sunbrella. In addition, we ensure the craftsmanship is as original as intended. After manufacturing countless awnings for more than 100 years, we can proudly say that our products still remain the best on the market in terms of durability, quality, value, as well as service.

Photo gallery -100 Years in the Awnings Business

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Old town awning shop An original Business Card Manufacturing wharehouse Awings at a field Old time Gazebo made from Sunbrella Old changing room made with Sunbrella fabrics Unbrella Tent Circus Play Tents

$350 Awning Hood - Free!

For a limited time all Taylor Made retractable awnings will include an free aluminum awning hood valued at over $350! This is no cheap add-on. Check out the other awning retailers and you will see for yourself that they charge this much or more for this option. To make sure you receive this very valuable protective hood order your awning today

Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella and Ultima fabrics are the two top names of quality outdoor fabric and both are available for all Taylor Made awnings. Sunbrella comes with an industry-leading 10 year limited warranty and Ultima comes with the standard 5 year limited warranty. UV protection, durability, fade-resistance, breathability, easy to care for - you get it all! Taylor Made awnings are proudly made in the USA.

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Ordering Awnings Online

Yes you can, it's easy, safe and secure, plus we make it and ship out fast! No one else can come close to getting you a custom made retractable awning so quickly (see Retractable Awnings Shipping Policy for details).