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Retractable Awnings

Taylor Made presents the preferred choice in high-quality retractable awnings favored by installers and do-it-yourselfers for durability and easy installation. By purchasing your awning direct from one of America's most respected companies you receive the best factory-direct prices plus free practical upgrades and features not found with other retractable awning brands.

Factory direct pricing and fast Shipping

Window/Door Awnings

Window and door awnings have many purposes -both style and function. Window awnings not only enhance the look of the exterior of your home, they are proven to be energy efficient. Studies show that window awnings and door awnings on the South and West facing side of your home can reduce the interior temperature of rooms by 15 degrees or more.

Low priced window and door Awnings

Awning Fabric

Typically, an awning fabric will deteriorate before the frame. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we offer replacement fabrics. Save money by replacing your awning fabric so you can enjoy the benefits. We replace fabric from any style or manufacturer with just three simple steps. We have a huge selection of patterns and colors to enhance your home's appearance. Our fabrics have a ten year warranty.
We have over 160 colors and fabrics to choose from at a valued price

Taylor Made presents the preferred choice in high-quality retractable awnings favored by installers and do-it-yourselfers for durability and easy installation. Most customers can have their awning up in a morning and be entertaining under it that afternoon. By purchasing your awning direct from one of America's most respected companies, providing genuine customer service since 1908, you receive the best factory-direct prices plus free practical upgrades and features not found with other retractable awning brands.

Enjoying an Awning commercial awnings Keep you home's temperature down with a cover Serveral options to choose from for your home

Our retractable awnings come with a self-supporting white powder-coated frame and require no unsightly side support arms. See the key features of our retractable awnings. The manual crank or optional electric motor allows you to effortlessly adjust your awning for the right amount of shade or simply roll it up when not in use. Our home awnings all come with infinitely adjustable pitch to customize the unit for your unique needs and give you just the right amount of shade and sun protection.

A Taylor Made Retractable Awning Lets You Control the Weather

With our retractable awnings, you can…

  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by buying direct
  • Cool off your deck or patio by as much as 20 degrees
  • Guard children or grandchildren from the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Add real value to your home and more utility to your patio or deck
  • Enjoy outdoor dining or relaxing without the glare and blazing heat
  • Easily install them yourself and save

Patio Awnings are More than Just Beautiful

When sitting on your patio, do you feel the effects from the hot sun or weather? Do you want to spend time on your patio to read a book or enjoy time with family and friends without the dangerous sun rays beating down on you for hours on end? We have a solution for you! Patio awnings are an effective, yet, inexpensive accessory to ensure you stay out of the harmful rays and to enjoy your patio. We also carry retractable awnings that allow you to adjust the coverage area simply by pushing a button. Awning sizes range from 10 feet to 18 feet wide and can extend up to 10 feet. We have more than 160 colors and patterns to make sure we can provide you with enough options to ensure you find what you want.

If you are more interested in fixed awnings or window awnings & door awnings, don't worry, we are also the awning industry leader in these products as well. Please visit our sections on those products and then contact us so we can give you a custom quote for your next home or commercial project.

Don't wait! Visit our retractable awning pricing page and find out how affordable your new retractable awning will be!

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The Story of Sunbrella®

Fabric Warranty:
10 year limited warranty
Over 150 colors and patterns available
9.25 oz. marine acrylic
100% acrylic
Fabric Breathability:
Water Repellency:
Mildew Resistance:
UV/Fade Resistance:
Stain Resistance:

Video Transcript:
The story of Sunbrella® is one of possibilities imagined and realized. And, that story began with the elements, and they are in fact, unavoidable, but in 1961, a daring question was asked, "Could we create a fabric to stand up against the relentless beat of the sun?"

Before 1961, all awnings were covered with cotton canvas. But, Sunbrella® was something different, something remarkable. It was a true performance fabric designed to withstand nature's most ... read more unforgiving elements. You know, there is a thin line between what is and isn't possible, and to cross it, you need to know the magic words - "what if". For example, what if we took Sunbrella® and used it on boats? As soon as those words were spoken, the possibilities began to take form. Biminis, sail covers, seat cushions, not to mention interior upholstery, below deck and in cabins - everywhere it seemed a new, and more beautiful, more useful application appeared.

It's a funny thing about innovation. You improve thing, you begin to improve everything else. Awnings, boats, convertible tops - all benefited from designers asking "What if". And, a world of possibilities still lay ahead. Because there was still a question out there waiting to be asked: What if Sunbrella® not only resisted the elements, but performed like nothing else before. What if it could also be beautiful, luxurious, and soft to the touch? The answer to that question was nothing short of remarkable.

"Cheers"! [Glass spills on fabric] It's okay, it's Sunbrella®.

It can even withstand the damaging effects of patio parties. Imagine for a moment there is a barrier, but this barrier is only in your mind. The fabric world is no longer divided into indoor or outdoor. Now there's just Sunbrella®. Sumptuous velvets, exquisite jacquard, decorative weaves. If you can imagine a hand, or feel style, or pattern it can be made with Sunbrella®. Now the fabric that's durable enough for your patio, is beautiful enough for your living room, or the North Atlantic, or the middle of the desert.

There were still more "What if's". For example, what if we could still make this fabric in harmony with mother nature herself? Well, the very nature of Sunbrella® means it can be recycled and reused in ways that are impossible with most other fabrics.

So, what does the future hold for Sunbrella®? Well, we don't presume to know. But if there anything we've learned over the past fifty years, it's that our notion of we can do with this extraordinary fabric is limited only by the imagination. One thing is certain though, we will continue to push the bounds of possibility and we will continue to ask, time and time again, "What if".
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